Safely accelerating PV installations, roofing and insulation upgrades: HUMAN LIFT

Our custom construction lift is designed to enable safer and more efficient work on inclined surfaces like the roofs of residential homes. The system allows for installing roof-mounted equipment like Solar PV systems and roof insulation upgrades without walking on or damaging roofing materials. The design complies with both OSHA standards and relevant safety requirements. The innovation dramatically reduces the time required to install equipment and is a leap forward for installation financial performance.

Why Human Lift:


Decreasing Costs

Tesla Solar (formerly Solar City) and other PV installation companies are developing plans to add solar to the majority of the 70 million single family homes in the US over the next 20 years. Installation labor costs are one the most challenging variables to overcome in order to reach these goals. By dramatically improving productivity, our design makes roof mounted solar more cost effective and economically viable to a larger number of homeowners.


Increasing Safety

Each year an average of more than 50 construction workers die due to falls from roofs. That’s because using ladders and moving heavy tools and materials on steep pitches is extremely dangerous.  While extensive focus and attention has been placed on reducing the cost of PV panels, system components and hardware, improved safety translates to fewer injuries, making it one of the most promising corrolaries for cost reduction. 



Harnessing the Power of Insulation

The Human Lift speeds the installation of rigid insulation on roof systems. It raises the prospect of economically viable double gains from insulation and solar production from each home that installers visit. That means more profitability per project, plus added value for home or business owners in the form of a more meaningful sum total efficiency gains.



"The company that owns the lift, will own the market."